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Paul Kulikowski

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As a retired art teacher, I now finally have time to spend in my studio.  Most of my paintings are acrylics on canvas, although I have explored mixed media work as well as drawings in colored pencil.


Living in the woods of western Connecticut, I am close to nature. Trees, rocks, and the natural landscape are recurring themes for my paintings, and I continually search for my true connection with the natural environment.

As a painter and photographer, I express my life experiences and personal identity through the use of repetition and rhythms, representing visual forms both natural and man-made.  My interpretations of inner struggles and social conflicts rely on the unique visual cadence of rocks, trees, and hills…or the orderly patterns in objects, shadows and structures.  These images help bring me to a place of greater self-awareness and understanding.


I began using the medium of photography in 2006, when I spent time in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.  I initially used the camera lens to capture the devastation, the dedicated work of the volunteers, and the eventual recovery of my favorite city.  My photographs now attempt to capture the rich culture and beauty evident at every turn in this historic American city, as well as other places I travel to.  My photographs are digital, some being photoshop enhanced.

My most recent paintings reflect much of the emotional roller coaster I am on, as I continue to battle cancer and hold on to the strength and stamina the struggle requires.  The fear, anguish and pain...along with the energy, hope and positivity I apply to each canvas help me find clarity and renew my determination to win this fight.


Painting and photograph prices are available upon request. 


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